GPC Weekly Website COALESCE Update

November 4

Last Sunday (11/3), during our time togethe,r we looked at Chapter 4 in Newell’s book the Rebirthing of God, “Reconnecting to the Journey”.  Two images that we highlighted were that of the banyan tree and St. Columba’s Bay stones: the tree reminds us of the strong central trunk that our faith traditions provide, but also the branches that reach beyond the initial roots that allow the tree to grow stronger and provide even more shelter and sanctuary; the two stones, one to throw into the sea, representing something we need to leave behind and the second stone, one that we hold close symbolizing new beginnings. As pilgrims on the journey of life, we are invited into “new lands” of awareness and wisdom—Go to the land I will show you (Genesis 12:1-3). DON’T FORGET THAT YOU ARE A UNIQUE MANIFESTATION OF THE DIVINE AND THAT WHICHEVER WAY YOU TURN, THERE IS THE FACE OF GOD.

Reading and discussion for Sunday, November 10: Read and discuss Chapter 5: Reconnecting with Spiritual Practice. A primary feature of our reconnection with God involves a restoring of or reawakening to regular spiritual practice. Sharing simple acts of spiritual practice allow us to become:

1-A little stronger together, 2-A little fonder of one another, 3-A little bit more aware of something deeper than us all  COME JOIN US, WHETHER YOU ARE A REGULAR OR JUST A ONCE-IN-AWHILE DROP IN.  WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU!