Mission Trip Update

Following worship on Sunday, November 10th, a group of those interested in partcipating in the GPC Mission Trip in the summer of 2020 gathered to begin to explore some options for the trip.

As usual we desire that the trip be open to all age groups and all abilities, while at the same time desire to empower the youth of GPC to lead us in this process.

Here are the topic suggestions that we are exploring:

  1. Hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas/Puerto Rico
  2. Relief efforts for the wildfires in California.
  3. A trip to the border area of SW USA to experience and/or work on border related issues.
  4. A trip to Mexico

Ideally we are looking at two weeks at the end of June and early July as the target dates for the trip.

The staff is taking these recommendations and beginning to do the leg work to find out more details for such trips.