Alignment: an alternative worship experience

Interfaith Contemplative Practices: Chanting, Meditation, and Prayer
Sundays, 5-6 pm
Starting February 9

For the last three years, we have held a series in the fall called Interfaith Contemplative Practices. This has brought together our neighbors of many different traditions as we have shared our practices of chanting, meditation, prayer, and poetry. This year over sixty people attended our programming, half of whom were not from GPC. We had time during these sessions to learn about and talk about as well as engage in these different practices. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people saying that their own spiritual practices have been enriched by the incorporation of the practices of different traditions.

This has led the session to approve the decision to offer an alternative worship experience at GPC. Sundays at 5 pm, we will gather in the Community Room for an hour of contemplative practices from different traditions. Different from the fall programming, this will be a purely experiential time, a time for chanting, meditation, and/or prayer. We hope that it will similarly include our friends of many different faith traditions as well as those who have no faith tradition. It might be a time for those who are not able to come to our traditional 11 am worship service, or for those who are seeking something different.

We will begin with two months, starting February 9, and then ask for feedback to see if this is something we would like to continue.

The first week will be a Sound Bath with crystal bowl ringing and chanting. Several of our members have gone to experience this already and have found it to be an incredibly moving experience and practice. Come and sit in a chair to experience the vibrations of sound or bring a mat, cushion, or blanket to make yourself comfortable on the floor. Please consider inviting your friends to join us.

2.9.2020Healing Sound Bath: bowl ringing and chantingLaura Kellogg
2.16.2020Hindu Mantra ChantingSavita Singh
2.23.2020Tibetan Bowl Ringing Indigo Sanctuary 
3.1.2020Healing Sound Bath: bowl ringing and chantingLaura Kellogg
3.8.2020Zen Buddhist Chanting and MeditationJohn Gruber
3.15.2020Taize and Iona ChantsGPC members
3.22.2020Healing Sound Bath: bowl ringing and chantingLaura Kellogg