Journey to Israel

Ancient Burial Tomb

From February 6th to the 14th, I will be leading a group of 9 Presbyterians leaders to Israel. This is a critical time with the release of the President’s Peace Plan, as such this trip is timely to talk to Israelis and Palestinians and hear their voices.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to plan this trip and the participants will meet with Palestinian Christians, they will meet with Jewish Settlers and their neighbors in the West Bank, they will meet with organizations such as the Hand in Hand School and Givat Haviva who are strive for a shared society.

They will also meet with members of the Foreign Ministry to question them and challenge the actions of the government of Israel.

This will also be a wonderful opportunity for the visitors to see the Christian sites throughout the country.

I will certainly try to keep you up on the events of what we are doing by posting on our blog and Facebook page . Also monitor the AIFL Facebook page at

Please keep us in your prayers!