Prayers for the Week of March 9th

Prayers of joy as we celebrate the birthdays of Donna, Barbara and Hank.

Prayers of celebration for Conor as he nears his first birthday.

Prayers of support for Veronica as she has several interviews this week.

Prayers of healing for Calvin, recently born but hospitalized.

Prayers of recovery for Patty who is struggling with cancer.

Prayers for Mickey and Mickey’s father who is being placed in hospice care.

Prayers of support for Margaret as she struggles with cancer.

Prayers for Jana as she isolates herself.

Prayers for those on cruise ships who face quarantine and other hardships as the coronavirus fears continue.

Prayers for the leaders and people of the world as we all grapple with the anxiety and fear related to the coronavirus.

Prayers of healing for those who have contracted the virus.

Prayers of strength and protection for those who are most at risk.