Prayers for the Week of March 30th

Prayers of celebration for Mary’s 98th birthday.

Prayers for Jennifer as she prepares to deliver her baby.

Prayers for the Somerville family members who are unable to celebrate or support each other during this time of distancing and isolation.

Prayers of joy for the beauty of spring.

Prayers for John, who has tested negative for the virus, but will be going back to the hospital.

Prayers for all the health care workers who are on the front line.

Prayers for continued for healing of Norman.

Prayers of support to Fred Anderson as he awaits test results,

Prayers of joy for Brian and Caitlin for baby girl.

Prayers of comfort for Marcy as she enters the end stage of her struggle with cancer. May our prayers also extend to her family,

Prayers of strength to Patty who continues to struggle with cancer.

Prayers of support for Ryan, who is home with family but still struggling with issues of manic behavior.

Prayers for the children who are at home, isolated from friends,

Prayers of joy for Sandy’s birthday

Prayers of peace for Marilyn who passed away last week,