The Lord’s Supper

We are doing church in a very different world these days. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and we will enter into Holy Week on uncharted territory. I know it will be different and for some it might be challenging, but in some ways it might actually have more meaning. As we get nearer to Sunday, we will have some more information about how we plan to celebrate Palm Sunday.

I did want to take a moment to talk about the Lord’s Supper. In the Reformed Tradition, the Lord’s Supper takes place with bread and the fruit of the vine. This is the language we use to demonstrate that one can either use wine or grape juice but the idea is that it needs to come from fruit. Furthermore, the Lord’s Supper is always supposed to be celebrated in a community so even when Communion is taken to a shut in, an Elder representing the community of faith should go with the pastor.

Well, all that is being thrown out the window on Sunday. Recognizing that we are in a different season, the denomination has loosened the legalistic language so that we can celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

So for Sunday, all I ask is that you have available whatever form of bread, cracker etc and juice, wine, water etc with you when we gather on Zoom. Please do not run out to the grocery store if you do not think you have the right item, Jesus used what he had on the table, we will use what we have available to us. This is a reminder that it is God who makes things sacred, not us. So if all you have is Corn Flakes, so be it!

My prayers are with all of the community and those dear to your hearts at this trying time.