Maundy Thursday Bread Sharing

As we prepare for our events of Holy Week, we are going to stay closely connected as we are able, but, of course, we are faced with the reality of not being around the same table. We would like, however, to share of the same bread as we celebrate the events of the last supper of Jesus with his disciples on Maundy Thursday.

Attached is a list of our Fellowship Teams which usually prepare our coffee hour refreshments each month. We are hoping that by team, we can make sure that anyone who wants to share of the same bread will be able to.

Ways you can share:
1. Enter your name on this Fellowship Teams doc or email Margaret.
2. Mark whether you would like to receive a piece of our shared sourdough starter or if you would like someone to leave a loaf on your doorstep for Maundy Thursday, April 9.

On the document are instructions for how to keep your starter alive, how to make a loaf, or how to cook your starter as a flatbread without needing any other ingredients or baking skills.
By sharing this starter, we will be sharing of the same bread at our celebration of the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday, from the expansive table that is the Lord’s.