Prayers for the Week of April 13th

Prayers of joy for Anne Guise as she settles into her new residence, closer to her family.

Prayers for OJ coming home to the family.

Prayers of support for the Class of 2020 as they deal with the trauma of having their year cut short and missing out on the festivities of graduating.

Prayers of support and safety for those healthcare providers who are on the front lines. In particular we life up Sarah, Carolyn, Val and Jessie.

Prayers of safety for correctional officers who continue to find themselves in a very difficult situation. In particular we lift up Bobby who has come down with Covid 19.

Prayers of health for Jenna as she nears her baby’s due date.

Prayers of celebration as families gather together for worship.

Prayers of concern for inmates and those in senior facilities who are vulnerable to Covid outbreaks.

Prayers of rejoicing for the leadership at GPC.

Prayers for Toli who has not been seen recently.

Prayers of continued support for Matt and Schaun.