Calendar and Birthdays

Tuesday, May 26th:

10 am Bible Study: The Letter to the Galatians

8 pm Conversation about Pentecost and Shavuot with Beth AM Israel

Wednesday, May 27th:

9 am Prayer and Share

Thursday, May 28th:

9 am Prayer and Share

4 pm Men’s Group

7 pm COALESCE: Holy Envy

Friday, May 29th:

8 am QiGong

Sunday, May 31st:

11 am Worship: Celebrating Pentecost

1 pm Conversation with Givat Haviva international students

5 pm Alignment

Monday, June 1st:

9 am Prayer and Share


May 26th:

Sherrie Burlingham

May 27th:

Bill Baker

Miguel Romero-Stevenson

Sam Stavrakos

May 28th:

Karin Crawford