Prayers for the Week of May 25th

Prayers of healing for Greg as he recovers from a rash that had him in the hospital.

Prayers of support for Erin who is unemployed and far from home.

Prayers of comfort for Steve, at the death of his uncle. Travel mercies for those traveling for the funeral this week,

Prayers of joy for the music that Brian provides.

Prayers of guidance and support to Lex as she prepares to undergo surgery to remove her tumor.

Prayers of comfort for the family of Marcie as she has passed away.

Prayers of solace to John as the death of his mother.

Continued prayers for Pat as her struggle with colon cancer has gotten worse.

Prayers for all those in the past and the present who have served in the armed forces. Particularly those who gave their lives to defend their families and the nation

Prayers of celebration as the Halls celebrate their anniversary.