Prison Ministry Project

Our Youth Group, Discovery, is taking on a new challenge, and they need your help. They are trying to provide those who are incarcerated in Montgomery County Correctional Facility with much requested copies of the Qur’an. Requests for copies of the Qur’an have skyrocketed during these difficult times. Our hope is that people can have access to the sacred text that is important to them. So the members of Discovery would like to earn copies of the Qur’an by donating service hours. On this sheet you will see volunteering hours that they have completed or intend to complete. Would you consider sponsoring them by donating a $10 copy of a Qur’an for every hour they volunteer in the community? Add your name to this sheet to be a sponsor for one hour or several and then make your donation in one of these ways:

Also if you have some work you would like them to do outside or online for you, let me know and I can add that to the list.