Worship This Fall

Beginning on Sunday, September 6th, worship at Gladwyne Presbyterian Church will shift to its normal time at 11 am. Session has decided to try and gather for outdoor worship during September and October, weather permitting. The service will still be broadcast on Zoom and we will work to ensure that members of the community worshiping remotely will be embraced in this form of worship.

As we continue to struggle through this time of Covid, we are working to support the sense of community at GPC. Many have expressed a desire to gather in ways that are safe and we believe we can take steps to make members as safe as possible should they choose to gather for worship. However, we are also aware of those who are very concerned about public gatherings for a variety of issues and we want to affirm their concerns.

On Saturday evening, we will determine if the weather will allow us to gather for worship. If not, then we will hold the service on Zoom as we have been doing.

After much discussion, we did not believe that we could safely return to the sanctuary for worship, given the size of the sanctuary. Session will revisit the conversation in the fall as conditions warrant.