Prayers for the Week of September 14th

Prayers of health for Lily who is struggling with Covid.

Prayers for Mary Ellen and her husband as he recovers from a fall.

Prayers of healing for Denny.

Prayers of strength for Bill.

Prayers of continues recovery for John’s mother.

Prayers of joy and support for Ryan as he begins a new job.

Prayers of patience and healing for Pat as she recovers from her fall.

Prayers for Colleen and her parents as they suffer from Covid.

Prayers of support for Kathy as she prepares for surgery.

Prayers for all the victims of domestic violence.

Prayers of comfort for the Villanova University community as they mourn the passing of Jake.

Prayers for racial equity in our society.

Prayers for all those communities that are suffering from the wild fires or those in the path of hurricanes.

Prayers of joy for the work and support of Linn and Grace.