Prayers for the Week of February 1, 2021

Prayers for Mike who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

Prayer of healing for Arthur who is in his 12th week of hospitalization.

Prayers of strength for Virginia as she undergoes a MRI to help determine how to deal with her liver disease.

Prayers of healing for Willa who is struggling with back pain.

Prayers of comfort Jean at the passing of her husband.

Prayers for Adam as he undergoes back surgery.

Prayers of thanks and support for the first responders.

Prayers of support for students and teachers who continue to struggle in a very challenging environment.

Prayers of healing for Savita’s parents who are both struggling with Covid.

Prayers of comfort for Nancy as she struggles in her faith.

Prayers across the political spectrum as we try to heal the divides in our nation.

Prayers for the life and example of John Chaney.

Prayers for patience, for all of us.