Re-Opening Of GPC

At its recent meeting, the Session discussed the process to re-open the building at Gladwyne Presbyterian Church. While this process will be ongoing, we have taken some initial actions.


Beginning Holy Week with Palm Sunday, we will begin to hold our worship services outside. This will continue for the foreseeable future, at least until the summer. Even though we will worship outside, we will continue our hybrid style that we used in the fall. We ask all attendees to continue to wear masks for these worship times. Congregational singing will be allowed.

If weather forecasts determine that we will need to make arrangements to be virtual, we will do that. If weather surprises us in a way that does not allow planning, Session has authorized worship in the sanctuary with appropriate spacing, masking and no congregational singing.

The desire, however, is to provide for the community to gather in the safest possible way for worship, which is why we are approving worship outside.

Small Groups

Beginning the week of April 5th, the building will be open for use by the small groups at GPC. If all participants in the small groups have been vaccinated, the groups may meet without masks. If not all have been vaccinated, masks are required. At this time, food will not be allowed to be brought and shared. Session will leave it up to the small group leadership teams to decide if they want to use the building or not.

The groups will need to register with the church office when they plan to use the building so that the cleaning staff can do appropriate cleaning following the gathering. That form will be listed the website. If groups would like to offer a hybrid gathering, we will attempt to accommodate such a gathering.