Growing Together: Faith, Food, Justice

Growing Together: Food, Faith, Justice. A conversation of the Lower Merion Faith Community

Following on the conversations of the Lower Merion Faith Community regarding racial equity, we have decided to some actual steps to act upon our conversations. The issue of food insecurity and inequity is at the heart of the racial divides we experience. Not all communities have equal access to food and fresh produce. Many in our own communities suffer from food insecurity.

During our program on Monday, March 15th, Growing Together, we heard from grassroots organizations and faith based communities who are directly addressing the food inequities in their communities. Our desire in Lower Merion is gather the faith communities towards a common goal of maximizing the community gardens in Lower Merion to grow fresh produce for food pantries in the region. In some instances we will expand gardens while in others we will build gardens at faith communities that want them while still we will recruit volunteers from communities that do not have gardens to work in existing gardens.

At GPC we have three raised beds on site, and Margaret has three raised beds at her home which are part of the Victory Gardens of Bethel AME Church in Ardmore. There are two work days that we are setting aside for now on April 18th and 25th to start this project. This is a great opportunity to get outside and work side by side with members from our community and other communities.

To sign up for the Lower Merion Work Day, click here.