Alignment Interfaith Advent Calendar

Click on this link to our Alignment Interfaith Advent Calendar. It has been a wonderful experience putting this together with 16 spiritual leaders from 10 different traditions to offer you a calendar of daily contemplative practices for December – a beautiful collection of images, verses, chants, prayers, and meditations.

Each day starting on December 1, click on the date on the calendar, and a new contemplative practice will open for you. I hope it brings you peace in this month of waiting and expectation when we respect the darkness in our lives and recognize the gifts that are present in the darkness.

Please consider sharing this with friends and post on social media. We hope that it will be a gift to be shared with many communities. 

Prison Ministry Project

Our Youth Group, Discovery, is taking on a new challenge, and they need your help. They are trying to provide those who are incarcerated in Montgomery County Correctional Facility with much requested copies of the Qur’an. Requests for copies of the Qur’an have skyrocketed during these difficult times. Our hope is that people can have access to the sacred text that is important to them. So the members of Discovery would like to earn copies of the Qur’an by donating service hours. On this sheet you will see volunteering hours that they have completed or intend to complete. Would you consider sponsoring them by donating a $10 copy of a Qur’an for every hour they volunteer in the community? Add your name to this sheet to be a sponsor for one hour or several and then make your donation in one of these ways:

Also if you have some work you would like them to do outside or online for you, let me know and I can add that to the list.

Communion 8.2.20

In worship we expressed our gratitude for these gifts that we identified and recognized that we have received. We raised them as our psalm of thanksgiving. We consecrated them during our celebration of the Lord’s Supper with the intention that, having received these gifts, we will use them as a part of our ongoing ministry and work of reconciliation in this world.

Drive and Drop: food collection

Discovery youth are organizing a food collection to support ElderNet, Mantua Food Pantry, and Ardmore Food Pantry.
Fill a bag with some of the items listed below which are in highest demand in our area right now – or with any other non-perishables.
Drive by the parking lot of GPC on July 14 between 4-6 pm where you will be greeted by a member of Discovery who will take your bags of food from your car and make sure they get to the food pantries.
Invite your friends to join us in this Drive and Drop party, dance a little in your car as you listen to our music, and see the faces of our youth who will be so happy to see you!

Items most needed:
Gift cards to Acme or Giant
Shelf stable milk
Tea, coffee (regular and decaf)
Canned fruits and vegetables
Applesauce/Fruit – cans or cups
Canned meats: tuna, chicken, Spam
Canned/Pouched Meals (beef stew, chili, ravioli)
Condiments: relish, ketchup, mustard, mayo – smaller sizes (15 – 22 oz)
Toiletries: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant
Bread, sliced loaves
Peanut Butter, Jelly
Spaghetti Sauce (24 oz jars/cans)
Saltine or Ritz Crackers (sleeves)

Alignment: Dancing in Nature

This week’s Alignment led by Nora-Simone

Concept, Choreography, and Editing by Nora-Simone
Filming and Editing by Spencer

Take half an hour to sit in quiet meditation in the spiritual practice of alignment.

Maundy Thursday Bread Sharing

As we prepare for our events of Holy Week, we are going to stay closely connected as we are able, but, of course, we are faced with the reality of not being around the same table. We would like, however, to share of the same bread as we celebrate the events of the last supper of Jesus with his disciples on Maundy Thursday.

Attached is a list of our Fellowship Teams which usually prepare our coffee hour refreshments each month. We are hoping that by team, we can make sure that anyone who wants to share of the same bread will be able to.

Ways you can share:
1. Enter your name on this Fellowship Teams doc or email Margaret.
2. Mark whether you would like to receive a piece of our shared sourdough starter or if you would like someone to leave a loaf on your doorstep for Maundy Thursday, April 9.

On the document are instructions for how to keep your starter alive, how to make a loaf, or how to cook your starter as a flatbread without needing any other ingredients or baking skills.
By sharing this starter, we will be sharing of the same bread at our celebration of the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday, from the expansive table that is the Lord’s.

Alignment Online

Alignment will continue online Sunday at 5 pm. Light a candle, find a quiet spot, and join us to hold the space together for half an hour of connected meditation.
You can always find our Zoom meeting location on the homepage of the website. We use the same Zoom room for all of our programming.
Or call in to join the service: +1 646 876 9923

Or connect with us on our Facebook page, on Instagram, or on Twitter. We would love for you to share images, poems, songs, or quotes that bring you alignment during this time. Post with #AlignmentOnline @GladwynePres
Thank you to those of you who have filled in the feedback survey already.