Pledges and Offerings

GPC, like many non-profits and small businesses, will probably suffer from the financial implications of Covid-19. While we are no longer holding gatherings in the building, we still have expenses associated to the building plus salaries of staff who have continued working. In order to help maintain our financial order, please mail your pledges and offerings to the church at 1321 Beaumont Drive, Gladwyne, PA 19035.

In the meantime, the staff are looking into the possibility of setting up on-line giving. However, most on-line providers charge about 3% of the donation as a service charge, so if we do set up this form of giving, we would hope that you could help cover this cost.

As more information develops we will keep you informed. Blessings!

Calendar and Birthdays

Events: All via Zoom

Monday, March 23rd:

9 am Prayer and Share

Tuesday, March 24th:

9 am Prayer and Share

10 am Bible Study: Letter of James

Wednesday, March 25th:

9 am Prayer and Share

7 pm Lenten Program

Thursday, March 26th:

9 am Prayer and Share

Noon: Zoom Call with Students at Givat Haviva International School

7 pm COALESCE: Study of Holy Envy

Friday, March 27th

9 am Prayer and Share

Saturday, March 28th:

1 pm Memorial Service for Wicky Dayton

Sunday, March 29th:

11 am Worship

5 pm Alignment

Monday, March 30th:

9 am Prayer and Share

Tuesday, March 31st:

9 am Prayer and Share

10 am Bible Study: 1 Letter to the Thessalonians


March 25th:

Douglas Pratt

March 29th:

Sandy Drayer

Prayers for the Week of March 23rd

Prayers of comfort for Marilyn who recently went to hospice care.

Prayers of healing for Norman.

Prayers of mourning for Linda at the passing of her brother.

Prayers for Marianne and her family as they attempt to get home from Zambia.

Prayers for the people of Washington, in particular Mark and Hanna and Brianna.

Prayers for all the small businesses that have been forced to close due to covid.

Prayers for the health and well-being of the Loux family.

Prayers for all those who are presently living in refugee camps.

Prayers of support for parents whose children are on the frontline in the fight against the pandemic.

Prayers for all the healthcare providers.

Prayers for Nancy and Bill

Prayers for all those on the margins and those in vulnerable places.

Prayers for Patty and Art.

Prayers for teachers and student.

Dealing with Social Distancing

As we near the middle of the first week of official Social Distancing, we are experiencing the challenges of losing our communal connections and bonds. For us, as human beings, it is a very powerful reminder that we are social animals, we need others to truly survive and embrace the fullness of life.

We also understand that for the safety of so many in our society, that these are steps that must be taken to slow the spread of coronavirus and allow our medical industry to care for as many as possible without being overloaded.

As a community of faith, this means we need to find ways to stay engaged and in touch with one another. While the pastoral staff at GPC is exploring some ways to do this, we are certainly open to suggestions.

As some first steps, we have begun:

  • Prayer and Share: A daily gathering on Zoom to allow us to begin the day with an opportunity to check in and offer prayers. The Zoom link is sent out around 8 am each morning for those interested in joining,
  • Bible Study: At 10 am on Tuesdays, we are continuing to meet for Bible Study via Zoom. 
  • Worship: We continue to gather at 11 am for a time of Worship.
  • Lenten Program: We are continuing our conversation with the Bethel AME community this evening at 7 pm.

Other programs that are in the work:

  • We are attempting to set up a time to have a Zoom call with students at the Givat Haviva International School in Israel. This is an opportunity to hear more about their experience. These students are presently in lockdown as Israel has really cracked down on social movement, so this gathering also gives them a chance to cure some of their cabin fever.
  • We hope to create a time for us to discuss Holy Envy by Barbara Brown Taylor. This is the book that COALESCE has just begun, but the topics of the book are ones that we all can relate to from our own experiences. We will be in touch about this.
  • We have looked into utilizing Google products to allow the members of the GPC Community to chat or even video chat with each other. We hope to have this set up sometime next week and we will schedule a time to walk people through it. This will allow us to have connections with each other without having to go through Zoom.

Again, these are just some of the things that we are working on, but feel free to share ideas if you have them.

Calendar and Birthdays

Events: (All Events Will Be Held on Zoom)

Tuesday, March 17th:

9 am Prayer and Share

10 am Bible Study: Letter of James

Wednesday, March 18th:

9 am Prayer and Share

7 pm Lenten Program with Bethel AME

Thursday, March 19th:

9 am Prayer and Share

Friday, March 20th:

9 am Prayer and Share

Sunday, March 22nd:

11 am Worship

Monday, March 23rd:

9 am Prayer and Share

Tuesday, March 24th:

9 am Prayer and Share

10 am Bible Study


March 19th:

Helen Holmes

March 20th:

Jennifer Stavrakos

Prayers for the Week of March 16th

Prayers of thanks for the technology that allows us to stay connected during this time.

Prayers of peace, that we may all find the Peace of Christ as we struggle together.

Prayers of the children and the vulnerable.

Prayers for those who work hourly jobs and those who might experience layoffs.

Prayers for college students, particularly seniors, whose lives have been turned upside down,

Prayers for the people of Washington state, particularly for Brianna.

Prayer for Joyce’s family who also resides in Washington,

Prayer for Larry’s sister who lives near Kirkland,

Prayers for healthcare workers and those on the front line, especially Sarah.

Prayers of support for Shaun and Matt.

Prayers for Norman who is post op.

Prayers for Dennis.

Coronavirus Update

Session met last night and one of the topics was how do we address the coronavirus outbreak? Due to the age of many members of the community, we did not want to make rash decisions but also wanted to act out of an abundance of caution. Since we anticipate the spread of the virus in the region, authorities have suggested that we begin a process of social distancing to help slow the spread of the virus. As such, Session has made the following decisions.


Session recommends that those who do not feel 100% should stay home to insure the health of attendees. For those who stay home, or those who choose not to come out to worship, we will be streaming our services, beginning this Sunday, via Facebook Live. The Facebook page link will be sent out on Saturday so that it is readily available. You do not need to have a Facebook page to access the church’s Facebook page.

During worship itself, please respect those who might wish to keep distance between themselves and others. We will continue to share the Peace but will do so without physical contact. 

After worship, we are discontinuing the Fellowship hour, meaning that there will not be food made available. This does not mean people cannot gather but we just did not want to encourage folks to gather in such close proximity in the Community Room. 


Alignment will continue to meet for the next three Sunday evenings at 5 pm. We will also live stream Alignment on Facebook Live for those who choose to stay home but want to continue with the practice. 

Christian Education:

For the time being, we are going to cancel our Christian Education programming. Over the next two weeks, we will monitor the virus and then make further decisions about whether to hold Christian Education or not. 

Other Church Groups:

Gladwyne Presbyterian Church has a Zoom account, which is being made available to the various group leaders. Meetings will be held via the Zoom account. So Bible Study and the Women’s Book Group will meet via Zoom. Men’s Group has that option as well. 


We know that these changes are not exactly the greatest, but Session feels they are the responsible course of action to protect members of the GPC community and the Lower Merion Community overall. 

Prayers for the Week of March 9th

Prayers of joy as we celebrate the birthdays of Donna, Barbara and Hank.

Prayers of celebration for Conor as he nears his first birthday.

Prayers of support for Veronica as she has several interviews this week.

Prayers of healing for Calvin, recently born but hospitalized.

Prayers of recovery for Patty who is struggling with cancer.

Prayers for Mickey and Mickey’s father who is being placed in hospice care.

Prayers of support for Margaret as she struggles with cancer.

Prayers for Jana as she isolates herself.

Prayers for those on cruise ships who face quarantine and other hardships as the coronavirus fears continue.

Prayers for the leaders and people of the world as we all grapple with the anxiety and fear related to the coronavirus.

Prayers of healing for those who have contracted the virus.

Prayers of strength and protection for those who are most at risk.