Prayers for the Week of July 5th

Prayers of joy for Josephine, the newborn child of Tom and Jill.

Prayers of healing for Jim who has skin cancer.

Prayers of support and strength for Tom and his mother as she suffers from kidney failure.

Continued prayers for Austin.

Prayers for Adolpho and Olivia in Chile.

Prayers for Lin.

Prayers for Karin as she waits for her test results

Peace and Justice Worship

On Sunday, June 27th, GPC will gather for a worship service focusing on peace and justice. We will use some the resources from the Iona Community for this service. This service recognizes our need to pursue God’s justice to promote peace.

June 25th is also Anne Guise’s birthday, and her family will be with us Sunday to celebrate her but also remember her work for peace and justice. Following worship, the Guise family has prepared refreshments.

We hope to see you all out on Sunday at 10 am!

Prayers for the Week of June 21st

Prayers of joy for Brianna who past her engineers tests.

Prayers of celebration for Mark and Ginger who completed their move.

Prayers of strength as Patricia nears the 40 day mourning period for her brother.

Prayers of joy as Patricia’s relatives have overcome their recent COVID illness.

Prayers of safety for the Gulf Coast as a tropical storm reaches the land.

Prayers of healing for Nani who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Prayers for Jessie who just moved in with friends.

Prayers for peace in a nation and the world.