A Perspective on Palestine

While I have just returned from Israel and will be making plans to share more of my experiences with the community, I had the opportunity to run into a friend of mine, Bassem Eid, while in Jerusalem. He informed me that he would be in the area next week, so I have invited him to come and share his experiences with us on Thursday, March 1st at 7 pm.

You can read more about Bassem on his website. As a Palestinian born in East Jerusalem while it was under control of the Kingdom of Jordan, Bassem has experienced much of the conflict first hand. His work as a human rights activist with the well known B’Tselem, as well as his outspoken concern for his fellow Palestinians offers an interesting perspective on the conflict and the hopes for peace in the region.

Bassem is a speaker you will not want to miss, so plan to be in attendance on Thursday, March 1st!

A Service of Commissioning

What an exciting time at GPC as we officially welcome Rev. Margaret Somerville to ministry at GPC! At 4 pm on Sunday, February 25th, we will mark this time with a Service of Commissioning. Plan to be a part of this joyous occasion!

Lenten Retreat: Spiritual Companions

This year, GPC has focused on spiritual practices and discernment. During Lent, we want to continue this emphasis. During Lent we will explore the concept of Spiritual Companions, those who walk with us in our journey. In particular, we will explore the Jewish study tradition of Havruta, which means fellowship in Hebrew.

At the Lenten Retreat, this Saturday, February 25th from 9 to noon, we will explore the biblical understanding of havruta, share with others and examine how havruta can aid us in the growing interfaith understanding in our communities.

Calendar and Birthdays


Tuesday, February 20th:

10 am Bible Study: Gospel of Matthew

Saturday, February 24th:

9 am Lenten Retreat: Spiritual Companions

Sunday, February 25th:

9:45 am COALESCE

10 am Walking the Walk

11 am Worship: Pastor Todd Stavrakos preaching

Sermon: Putting Satan in Place


Genesis 17:1–7, 15–16 God’s covenant with Abraham: I will make of you a great nation.

Mark 8:31–38 Jesus says: Deny yourselves; take up your cross and follow me.

4 pm Service of Commissioning for Rev. Margaret Somerville

Tuesday, February 27th:

10 am Bible Study: Gospel of Matthew



February 20th:

Al Holm

February 24th:

Brian Gibson


Not a rainbow

Sermon from Sunday, February 18th

Not a rainbow


Genesis 9:8–17 God’s covenant with Noah: I will never again flood the whole earth.

Mark 1:9–15 After his baptism, Jesus is tested in the wilderness for forty days.


New Directory

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Gladwyne Interfaith Community Hevruta Program: registration open!

We are thrilled to announce this new opportunity for our community to come together with Beth Am Israel, St. Christopher’s, and Beth David for another interfaith series, building relationships and being in dialogue.
Hevruta is the practice of engaging and dialoguing over texts with a friend.
The word hevruta comes from the Aramaic word for ‘tie together’ which gives us in Hebrew the word haver / havera (friend) and havurah (friendship circle).  Traditional hevruta study involves two people in a relationship of friendship exploring text together and wrestling with what they find there.
This is not so much an academic pursuit as it is a spiritual practice.
My hevruta experience with a fellow rabbinical seminarian was perhaps the most meaningful experience I had during my seminary years. For my graduation, friends and family, including many of you, donated to a hevruta fund through the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia to honor my hevruta professor who was retiring. The funds from those gifts have gone to establish a pilot program through our church with our Gladwyne interfaith communities to bring the practice of hevruta to congregations. This professor, Bob Robinson, as well as Rabbi Melissa Heller will be leading our hevruta program.
But please let me stress the point that this is not an academic pursuit. You do not even need to have any previous experience with biblical texts, although just by attending services, you already do! The discussions during a hevruta session are about building friendship.
For this five-week series, each Jewish participant will be paired with a Christian participant for our five weeks together. We will be looking at Hebrew biblical texts.
Five Wednesday evenings, beginning April 11 and ending May 9.
Optional meal together at 6:30.
Hevruta program, 7-8:30.
The program will include an introduction to the text for about 15 minutes.
45 minutes with your partner.
30 minutes back with the whole group and the professors to debrief.
Since you will have the same partner every week, we are asking that you register knowing that you are free for these five weeks. Of course, there may be unforeseen reasons you can’t make it.
Spots are limited. We need to have an equal number of Jewish and Christian participants, and we would like this to be as balanced as possible among the four congregations. So we are hoping for 6 participants from each congregation. For this reason, you will see that your registration is pending until we see how the numbers balance.
I do hope some of you will consider this opportunity. Please submit your registration by clicking on the link below. There is a $25 registration fee. And also let me know if you would like any further information or if you have any questions.

Calendar and Birthdays

This Week at GPC
       10:00 am Bible Study
2.14       6:30 pm Agape Dinner and Ash Wednesday Meditation. Register here.
2.15       7:00 pm Knit of Knot

Next Sunday
       9:45 am      Education programs: Discovery and COALESCE
              11:00 am    Worship: Rev. Todd Stavrakos leading
              3:00 pm       Discovery to Broad Street Ministry

       10:00 am                      Bible Study
2.24        9:00 am – 12:00 pm   Lenten Retreat. Register here.
2.25       11:00 am                      Worship: Rev. Todd Stavrakos leading
              4:00 pm Service to Commission Rev. Margaret Somerville as Associate Pastor 

February  Birthdays
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8             Evan Gibson
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24           Brian Gibson
26           Joanne Markman
               Elisabeth Crawford
27           Ralph Hall

Shrove Tuesday on Sunday: Pancake Breakfast

We filled up on pancakes, waffles, doughnuts, sausages, and hot chocolate! It was a wonderful morning with our Community Room filled with good fellowship and food. It was especially wonderful to have our young Discovery members let the adults know that they wanted to be a part of the conversation!