Come home! Welcome to the new Gladwyne Presbyterian Church website!

Home is a major theme of the website, as members and visitors alike recognize the strong sense of the Holy Spirit here. There is a special feel to the place; peace, freedom and presence. Even with the swirling of stresses and anxieties around us, to come to GPC is to experience a peace that allows us to find rest and support. It is to be free from our stress and those emotions pressing down upon us as we find other loving and caring souls reaching out and supporting us. It is this presence that comes from the loving God we worship, a God who has called us into a community of love and support. GPC is the home that God provides to us.

This new website seeks to tell that story, of a congregation that while small, has found a home here. A community that loves each other; a community that provides supportive space for us to work through our struggles; a community that understands that the faith journey is not about dogma but love and affirmation.

However, GPC is not just a place for internal journeys. We are a community understanding Christ’s call to us to love our neighbor, to care for the sick, to free the oppressed. Our faith is lived in the world, as can be seen in our many Outreach partners locally and around the world. While some churches focus on the activities in their buildings, we focus on the people in our own communities.

I invite you to explore these pages, but more importantly I invite you to find home here!

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