The Deacons are the group in the church whose ministry is one of care and compassion. We meet once a month to consider the needs of individual members of the church community as well as to plan activities that are fun and serve to strengthen our ties to each other.  For example, the Deacons were responsible for that super bowl of soup you might have enjoyed on Super Bowl Sunday (souper bowl) or during the several Lenten program evenings.

On a continuing basis we pray for you (prayer chain), feed you, and organize the donation of flowers to brighten our sanctuary.  Much to everyone’s delight we recently took on the big project of giving our community room a facelift which included new paint, carpet, drapes, tables, and art.

If you need a meal, a ride, a visit, a card or call, help with some other matter or know someone who does, please contact the Deacons.