Housing and Advocacy


Broad Street Ministry: What would a faith community that was organized along the Avenue of the Arts look like? One that would:

· Embrace creativity

· Nourish the imagination

· Push against the limitations of conventionalism

· Visualize and realize a more compassionate and just society

We have set out to create such a place—where artists and visionary people of faith can come together. Let’s face it—Philly is an exciting place right now! People of all ages are moving into Center City in droves. The arts scene in Philadelphia is dynamic and full of energy; from the most excellent expressions in the fine arts—to some of the most challenging of the emerging art forms, the city has made prudent investments to encourage a dynamic and creative city center—that’s where we are going to make a go of this! This is where the Broad Street Ministry will make its home.

The Broad Street Ministry!


Ludlow Community Association provides low income housing in the Ludlow area of Philadelphia.

Ludlow Community Association
1437 North 7th Street
(215) 232-1615
Contact: Marvin Louis

Mothers in Charge: This grass roots organization is focused on reducing violence in our communities.



People’s Emergency Center:  An agency providing temporary housing and social services to homeless women, teen girls and their dependent children.

PEC’s comprehensive co-located services break the cycle of homelessness by helping families achieve permanent stability and self-sufficiency. Grounded in 32 years of experience servicing homeless families in Philadelphia, PEC’s program provides families with case management; emergency shelter, food and clothing; transitional housing; on-site child care and health care services; specialized after school and summer enrichment programs; mental health services; parent education; welfare-to-work services; and housing counseling. Thirty percent of staff are formerly homeless and become role models, showing parents by example that independence is possible. For homeless mothers, children and teens, PEC is not only a place where the basic needs of food and shelter are met, but also a community where minds and spirits are nurtured through responsive services and programs.


Peter’s Place: This counseling center provides a safe and supportive environment for grieving children and their families and acts as a community resource to foster understanding of the effects of death and grief.