Supporting Youth

Supporting Youth in Better Achieving their Potential

Bright Lights Induction CeremonyBright Lights Initiative: This youth development program fosters high standards in literacy, cultural awareness and citizenship among Philadelphia area elementary school students. By creating an environment in which participating students become agents in their own learning, children become avid readers who are well-informed citizens and are eager to contribute to the larger concept of society.


Philadelphia Scholars

Philadelphia Scholars ProgramStudents at participating Philadelphia Public Comprehensive High Schools are eligible for scholarships, ranging from $200 to $5,000, to fill the gap between students’ financial aid and the real costs of college, such as travel expenses, books, and even computers. The program is led by a volunteer Advisory Committee, which helps raise funds for scholarships, and oversees a $18 million dollar endowment committed for future generations of Philadelphia Scholars.

Philadelphia Scholars attend 61 different colleges and universities across the country. The Philadelphia Scholars Advisory Committee is led by A. Morris Williams, Jr. who has served as committee chairperson since the program’s inception.

Project Leap ForwardProject Forward Leap: This program is committed to closing the gaps of academic achievement and developmental opportunities between disadvantaged children, and their advantaged peers. Accordingly, we are dedicated to the creation of optimal learning communities that enhance the chances of maximizing academic and personal growth. Successes in these learning communities should provide a foundation and momentum upon which participating schools and districts can build. The core components of PFL’s strategy for achieving these goals are: accelerated curricula, master teaching practices, the mandate of intensive parental involvement, the enrollment of a critical mass of students from participating districts, and collaboration with those districts and other educational organizations. a residential summer college prep program for youth from underserved middle schools.