The children and youth of the church who make up the Discovery program, under the guidance of Youth Director Veronica Hall, have engaged in some exciting new endeavors this year. They began their Christian Education program every Sunday morning at 9:45 with a fellowship breakfast and prayer before engaging in activities in which all ages (from five to seventeen) met together for exploration and study of the fall theme: Storytelling and the Parables of Jesus. They learned to look for the unexpected in the stories in the Bible and to respond with a group exclamation of IMG_1576“What?!” Activity highlights included creating and filming a modern day version of the Parable of the Late Workers and creating a YouTube playlist andchannel for digital projects. Service projects included raising money for new technology on which they can share their work with the congregation, staging a “dye-in” in honor of those whose stories are unexpected, preparing the Communion bread for World Communion Sunday, baking for the Alternative Gift Market, and singing carols for the residents at Watermark Retirement Home.

They met for Saturday evening fellowship once a month and have designated these times as “Romans vs. Christians Nights” after their new favorite game.

In the new year, we look forward to a new Discovery theme in which the youth of the church will examine what makes them unique and what makes them unified as members of the body of Christ and how to welcome those who are also unique into our midst as we explore our winter theme of Hospitality as found in the Old and New Testaments. We will also be learning how to use the GivingPoint online program to enhance our service work.