Interfaith Contemplative Practices

Alignment Interfaith Advent Calendar

Join us here for an alternative worship experience
Interfaith Contemplative Practices: Chanting, Meditation, and Prayer
Sundays at 5 pm
Fridays at 8 am

No session on April 4
April 11: QiGong with Dawn Weisbord
April 18: Springing Forth: Music and Art for Rootedness and Growth with Molly Hicks
April 25: Healing Sound Bath with Laura Kellogg
May 2: Hindu Chants from the Bhagavad Gita with Pandit Omanand Persaud and Sonjay and Savita Singh
May 9: A Meditation on Nurturing
May 16: Envisioning Alignment with Sondra Rosenberg
May 23: Tibetan Bowl Ringing with Indigo Sanctuary
May 30: Christian Maronite (Lebanese) Chanting with Serge El Helou



A time of quiet reflection and contemplation. Each week will feature the contemplative practices of a different tradition. Join us via Zoom and you are welcome to put your camera on or leave it off. 

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