Calendar and Birthdays


Tuesday, April 30th:

10 am Bible Study: Book of Isaiah Chapter 10

Saturday, May 4th:

6:30 pm Evening for Outreach

Sunday, May 5th:

9:45 am Christian Education

11 am Worship: Celebrating the Lord’s Supper Pastor Todd Stavrakos preaching

Tuesday, May 7th:

10 am Bible Study: Book of Isaiah


May 4th:

Julia Gibson

Prayers for the Week of April 29th

Prayers of celebration as Pete has completed his radiation treatment.

Prayers of joy and healing for Lillian for her successful surgery.

Prayers of support for Jennifer and other members of the military.

Prayers of hope for acts of kindness.

Prayers for the Jewish community and in particular the members of the Poway Chabad.

On Being with Krista Tippett – live recording

There are still tickets available for the live recording of Krista Tippett‘s podcast and 

6J1A0008-Edit.jpgpublic radio show On Being. 

April 29 at 6:30 at Rodeph Shalom

Click here to purchase tickets.

Her special guests will be Shane Claiborne, leader of Red Letter Christians, and Omar Saif Ghobash, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to France and author of Letters to a Young Muslim. Krista will guide them in a conversation about their work in their respective faith communities, and how interfaith relationships have helped shape their lives.

Interfaith Hospitality Network – a few volunteers still needed

Our next week hosting families from the Interfaith Hospitality Network with Beth David is April 28-May 5.

We still need a few volunteers:

  • Dinner on May 3
  • Overnight on May 3
  • Help with person who is providing dinner on April 29
  • Take down bedding on May 5

Please sign up here if you can help with any of these times.
Dinner slots include making a meal and eating with the families.
Overnight means sleeping in your own private room on the same inflatable beds that the families use. The overnight shift ends at 6:30 in the morning.
For those of you with children, IHN encourages you to bring your families both to eat and to sleep overnight.

For those who haven’t volunteered before, we need your police and child abuse clearances on file.

Many thanks for helping in whatever way you can!

Prayers for the Week of April 22nd

Prayers of joy for the presence of Laura, Steve and Conor in worship.

Prayers of happiness for Sue Althouse.

Prayers of celebration for Amanda and John as they expect a biy.

Prayers of joy for Meagan as she graduates this weekend.

Prayers of support for Roberto as he prepares for his citizenship interview.

Prayer of happiness for Mary.

Prayers of healing for Mary as she continues in her recovery.

Prayers of presence for Ryan as he enters rehab.

Prayers of hope for the people of Sri Lanka.

Prayers for the Week of April 14th

Prayers of healing and recovery for Elliot after transition surgery

Prayers of joy at the presence of the Warner family at worship.

Prayers for Lorna, Sandy’s new sister.

Prayers of recovery for John as he was in a car accident.

Prayers to end homelessness.

Prayers of healing for Thomas after emergency heart surgery.

Prayers of support for the coffee house Great Expectations.

Prayers for Peter as he visits the doctors for his eye.

Prayers of celebration for Douglas’ birthday.

Prayers for sacred spaces, particularly the Chapel in the Woods.

One Great Hour of Sharing

One of the special offerings that the PCUSA gathers is the One Great Hour of Sharing. This offering supports the work done by the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program and the Self Development of People.

You have probably heard of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Hunger Program, but might not have heard about the Self Development of People. SDOP is the program that the denomination created over forty years ago to address issues of poverty and justice by supporting grassroots organizations.

Perhaps you are aware the Philadelphia is the poorest of the large cities in the United States and has the poorest zip code in the nation within its boundaries. The Presbytery of Philadelphia has renewed its emphasis on addressing poverty and justice issues and I am proud to say that I am the new moderator of the SDOP committee in Philadelphia.

I would strongly ask that you continue making a donation to the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. Envelopes will be in the pews over the next two Sundays.

If you would like more information on the Offering click