Calendar and Birthdays


Tuesday, March 5th:

10 am Bible Study: Book of Revelation

Wednesday, March 6th:

6:30 pm Dinner

7 pm Ash Wednesday Service

Sunday, March 10th:

9:45 am Christian Education

11 am Worship: Rev. Margaret Somerville preaching

Tuesday, March 12th:

10 am Bible Study: Book of Revelation

7 pm Session

Wednesday, March 13th:

7 pm Puzzle of the Bible at GPC


March 8th:

Barbara Kanziger

Hank Holmes

Donna McGowan

March 11th:

Karla Holmes

Prayers for the Week of March 3rd.

Prayers of healing and strength for Lin as she lives with temporal arthritis

Prayers of support as Nancy prepares for a catheterization

Prayers of healing for Gail as she continues treatment for cancer.

Prayers of healing for Cheryl as she receives treatment for cancer.

Prayers of care for David as he undergoes surgery.

Prayers for Judy as she undergoes cataract surgery.

Prayers of joy as Sammy has fully healed from surgery and is back to dancing.

Prayers of joy for the work at the Village that provides light to the residents.

Prayers of comfort for Naomi as her husband Tom enters hospice.

Prayers of joy for those who prepare food for those in need.

How can we be sure!

Sermon from Sunday, March 3, 2019

How can we be sure?


Exodus 34:29–35 Moses returns from Sinai with the law, and his face is shining.

Luke 9:28–36 (37–43a) On a mountaintop, Jesus is transfigured; God says: This is my Son.

Pancake Breakfast and Ash Wednesday Dinner

As we prepare for our Lenten journeys, Community Breakfast on March 3 will be our annual Shrove Sunday pancake feast. 
Bring some fatty foods to share or just come and eat.
We will continue to have time to share what we have been learning in our education programs.
Some will need to leave a little early for choir rehearsal.

Then on March 6, we will gather again for dinner in the sanctuary (with meat and vegetarian options), before an Ash Wednesday Service in the Community Room.
This will be a time to reflect on our upcoming theme of Awareness for Lent and to receive the blessing of anointing.

Please use the following sign-up sheet to let us know if you can come.

Calendar and Birthdays


Wednesday, February 13th:

7 pm  The Puzzle of the Bible Session 2 at Beth Am Israel

Thursday, February 14th:

7 pm Women’s Book Club

Sunday, February 17th:

9:45 am COALESCE, No Discovery

11 am Worship: Pastor Todd Stavrakos preaching

Tuesday, February 19th:

10 am Bible Study: Book of Revelations

Wednesday, February 20th:

7 pm The Puzzle of the Bible Session 3 at GPC


February 20th:

Al Holm

The Sight of the Divine Reminds Us of our Humanity

Sermon: The Sight of the Divine reminds us of our Humanity


Isaiah 6:1–8 (9–13) Isaiah sees the Lord in the temple and says, “Woe is me! I am lost.”

Luke 5:1–11 A miraculous catch of fish; Peter says, “Lord, I am a sinful man!”

Prayers for the Week of February 10th

Prayers of joy as Terry recovers from his successful surgery.

Prayers for Al and Nancy’s grandson who is suffering from pneumonia.

Prayers for Nancy as she continues to struggle with cancer.

Prayers of support for Caitlyn whose baby comes home after time in the NICU.

Prayers of recovery for Jim following an operation on his lungs.

Prayers for healing for John who suffered a concussion while skiing.

Prayers of support for Cathy who is home from the hospital but still fearful for her health.

Prayers of comfort for Karin and her family at the passing of her aunt.

Prayers of healing for Kyle who was in a bad accident.