Interfaith Contemplative Practices

Join us for Interfaith Contemplative Practices: Chanting, Meditation, and Prayer

Starting February 9, 5-6 pm, we will have another opportunity for worship on Sundays. Come for a time of quiet reflection and contemplation. Each week will feature the contemplative practices of a different tradition.

Our first 8 week session will begin with a Healing Sound Bath with Laura Kellogg. The ancient practice of sound healing and chanting seeks to shift our consciousness to higher awareness through engaging our spiritual and physical energy with the vibrations of sound. Laura will play eight crystal bowls and chant 4000 year old Sanskrit chants that have been used through the millennia to bring healing and peace.
You can bring a mat, blanket, pillow (whatever would make you comfortable) to be on the floor or simply sit in a chair to experience the sound bath and deep meditation.

All are welcome. We hope you will come and feel free to bring anyone you know who would enjoy this time with you.