We come to Gladwyne Presbyterian Church to renew our strength, support, and hope. Here we love one another unconditionally and we nurture each other. Each of us takes the strength of our family out into the world. Together we try to build something better.


What began as an urgent need during the Covid-19 pandemic, GPC continues today. Our virtual meetings are a great opportunity to gather together, worship, and share. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 9am, we gather on GPC Zoom and spend time together. This is a safe space to discuss things going on in our families, our spiritual lives, and the world – a small slice out of daily life to simply be real with each other and know that we are loved and not judged. Each session ends in prayer.


The great jazz pianist and composer, Duke Ellington, once said that in order to judge the quality of music, one should follow this dictum; “If it sounds good… then it is good!” We at GPC believe those words to be true and apply them not only to the quality of music but also to music’s expression of the Spirit. If it touches you, if it moves you, if it centers you, if it deepens your relationship with the Spirit, then it is good, whether it be sacred or secular, classical or rock, gospel or new age.

Because of this perspective and because of the abundant musical talent at GPC, there is a wide variety of music at GPC: vocal and instrumental soloists, music performed by the youth of the church, an occasional choral song sung by members of the congregation, jazz trios, gospel, spirituals, country, meditative, classical and jazz: it’s all good and all expresses the Spirit.


The GPC Women’s Book Group meets the second Thursday of the month at 7 PM in the church community room. Women of all ages are welcome to eat, drink, and enjoy the interesting conversation.


The GPC Men’s group was formed over 20 years ago with the focus of sharing and support of our spiritual journey.  Over the years we have read books or discussed articles that relate to issues pertinent to men seeking to understand and strengthen their spirituality.  The group has also taken on building projects solo and in partnership with groups from other churches.  The group is inclusive of men from other churches and faith traditions. The group meets the second Wednesday of each month on Zoom, and the fourth Wednesday of each month in-person at church.